MULTIMEDIA ARCHIVE 'The Phantom Of The Opera'

Full HIGHLIGHTS & BEHIND THE SCENES Video coming soon.

Below: Promotional Photography by Adrian Patrick

We had access to The Grand theatre in Blackpool for two hours early one Sunday morning to conduct a super-quick photoshoot. It was a lot of set-ups to get through in a relatively short time, featuring the entire cast in costume and covering various scenes from the show, so it was a bit manic, but we just about managed it!

The show performed at Lowther Pavilion, Lytham 19-22 November. The use of The Grand Theatre afforded us a brilliant location to theme our photography appropriately.

The only lighting available at The Grand were the dimmed house lights. We didn't have access to the stage lights unfortunately, so we had to get creative with our external flashes and light stands. One of the hardest things about a shoot like this is setting up our lighting super fast for each shot! I don't always get it exactly right when working at such a speed, but most of the shots worked out great... and it gives me the chance to really play with colour. Something I love!

Photography and Poster Designs by Adrian Patrick