Sunday, 2 November 2014

THIS WEEK: "It's A Cracker!"

"It's A Cracker!" is an emotional play by local legend Tom Gradwell.

This is the second play featuring "Connie Atkinson" played by Margaret Hall. The 2009 play "No Peas Please!" explored a 'day in the life' for Mrs Atkinson as she endures home visits from social workers and meals on wheels, and centred on her relationship with her daughter "Brenda" (played by Teresian Players regular Rebecca King).

"No Peas Please!" was performed at St.Teresa's Hall. It was followed in 2011 by "It's A Cracker!",  set during the run up to Christmas, and tells of how the elderly live through Christmas in the modern world. This second play has now been updated and reworked for the Thornton Little Theatre.

The "cracker" of the title refers to an unfolding story about how Mrs Atkinson's life long friend "Elsie" (played by Elaine Traynor) spends a very different Christmas each year to the one she has been telling her friends.

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"It's A Cracker!" runs from 4-7 November 2015 and stars Margaret Hall as "Connie Atkinson", Anne George as "Brenda", Elaine Traynor as "Elsie",  Irene Connor as  "Hilda",  Steven Connor as "Father Cafetiere", Marjorie Brown as "Grace", Wyn Ball as "Ms Bailey Davies". The play is written and produced by Tom Gradwell. Tickets are just £6.

Photography and Graphic Design by Adrian Patrick for Fylde Arts