Thursday, 19 June 2014

FILM: Thornton Gala 2014

Saturday 14th June saw the 115th Thornton Gala and the return of the parade. It was a great family day and the weather was top!

The route for the parade was extended, taking in Burn Naze, just as it used to in years past. Oiginally, the gala parade also included Cleveleys as part of its route. This ended however once the Morrisons roundabout on Amounderness Way was established. It isn't possible to obtain permission to close the busy roundabout during parade day, which is a shame.

Debbie Lindsay has been chairperson for ten years and for 2015 is stepping aside.
Special guests on the day included Sid Little and Deputy Mayor of Wyre.
This year's Gala Children were Caitlin Diver (Queen), Megan Pilkington (Princess) and Syafiqah Norazlan (Prince Charming).

Check their Facebook Page for photos shared from the day here.

We have an exclusive film featuring highlights from the day's events along with a peek behind the scenes. Come back soon for an extended video featuring additional 'behind the scenes' moments. In the meantime, here is the film from the day, produced by Adrian Patrick for Cleveleys Arts.